Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: Our Coach Pitch Spring Program is $1500, & the fall program is $750. Which is divided into payments of $ The 9-18u program Spring/Summer Cost is $1995.  Which can be divided into Monthly Payments of $285/mo.  Our fall cost is $1000. Which can be divided into payments of $250/mo.

We also offer a yearly rate which covers both seasons and our winter program.  That cost is $345/mo.  It includes spring/summer season, fall season, summer velocity camp, and winter velocity camp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: What does season schedule look like?

Answer: Youth teams ages 9u-14u generally play tournaments every other weekend in March, April, May, & first part of June in the spring, and September and October in the Fall.  Practices begin in February in the Spring and August in the fall.

Our High School teams begin AFTER the high school season.  We play May, June, July for the summer season, and September/October for the fall season. With practices May - July in the Summer and August - Nov 1 in the fall.

Question: How many times do you practice per week?

Answer: We practice 2x per week.  Once inside to work on hitting and pitching.  Once on the field where we work on fielding fundamentals team defenses, first & third situations, PFP, Bunt Coverages, Cut-Offs, and in game situations.

Question: Do we get to use facilities free?

Answer: We do not own or operate an indoor facility at this time.  However we practice 2x per week and play tournaments at the high school Level Thursday - Sunday and at the youth level Saturday and Sunday.  We also offer private lessons which most of our kids utilize.  This means your kids will be practice or playing baseball 4-7 days per week.  We feel this is plenty!

Question: Where do you practice?

Answer: We utilize Big League Dreams, Arlington Parks, & Batters Cave located at 7803 S. Cooper St in Arlington Tx.

Question: Do you offer private lessons?

Answer: Yes, we have 3 instructors that offer private lessons: Justin Cotten, Kyle Bacak, and Kyle Semler. Rates very from instructor to instructor from $80-$100/hr

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Question: Where are the tournaments played?

Answer: We try to keep costs down by selecting tournaments that are closer to home. Especially at the youth level.  

At the high school level we do the same.  But attending college showcases occasionally requires travel, particularly in the summer months.

Question: Are there any other costs?

Answer: NO! We do not nickel and dime.  Parents will not be asked for any more money for playing after they sign up. No hats will be passed. No extra hidden fees.

Is a select baseball organization that chooses players that we feel have a chance to play at the next level.  With an emphasis on player development, individualized goals and needs... Read More

Question: What does my dues include?

Answer: Games, Practice Facilities, Tournaments, Tournament Team Gate Fees, Baseballs, Practice Equipment, Club Dues, Coaches Fees, League Fees.

Question: Are Uniforms Included:

Answer: When players sign up for our 1-year program for ages 9u-18u, their uniform is FREE and INCLUDED in the price of the program and monthly dues.

When players sign up only for 1-season they will pay for that seasons uniform.  The cost for our uniform package is $295 and includes a hat, two dye sub jerseys, & 2 custom tailored pants.

Question: What experience Do the coaches have?

Answer: All of our coaches have been coaching for at least 5 years at the youth level & all of our coaches have either college or professional playing experience.  We feel all of our coaches are some of the most qualified in the area.